Once you’ve experienced the Missional Pathway workshops, let’s dream deep together.
God has placed a Gospel ambition inside of you, and He wants to use it to deepen your faith and bring others to Himself.

What is ACTIVATE(D)?

ACTIVATE(D) is a collaborative network of Missional Pathway participants who are coached to effectively launch and live into their new missional initiatives and discipleship relationships. In business, this would be called a “start-up accelerator” for entrepreneurs. We call it a missional incubator.

Are you a Missional Pathway participant and want to see whole neighborhoods and networks of new disciples of Jesus?


We launch ACTIVATE(D) Cohorts…

What is aN ACTIVATE(D) Cohort?

Groups of no more than 8 Missional Pathway participants brought together, sharing every other week for at least 10 sessions in person or online via video conferencing, being coached in important discipleship concepts, and given space to experiment, build ministries, and process together.

Want to join an ACTIVATE(D) Cohort but haven’t attended a Missional Pathway training?

Register for an upcoming “Steps 1 & 2: Awaken & Activate” training HERE.


  • Equip you to form and lead teams of people from your church and beyond who are passionate about making disciples.

  • Provide you with access to 1-on-1 coaching from experienced ministry builders and leaders who desire to help you pioneer new relationships and ministries that make new disciples.

  • Deepen your faith in Jesus and motivation to passionately share Jesus with those yet to believe.

  • Connect you with support systems for connection, encouragement, prayer, feedback, collaboration, and to celebrate stories of God’s work in and through you and others!

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