What is ACTIVATE(D)?

ACTIVATE(D) is a space for Missional Pathway participants to deepen their faith in Jesus, experience how to make new disciples of him, and build their ministries alongside others in a supportive and collaborative community. The business world calls it a “start-up accelerator”, we call it a missional incubator.

OUR VISION is to see new disciples of Jesus made because the Good News of Jesus’ love is made unavoidable in whole communities and sub-cultures by local church congregations.


PERSONAL Connection

All Missional Pathway participants are invited to join our online Slack community where stories are shared, prayer is provided, helpful feedback is offered, opportunities for growth are highlighted, and collaborative networking takes place.

Cohorts for leaders

Groups of leaders brought together sharing monthly for 12 months over Zoom video conferencing, discussing important discipleship concepts, and given space to experiment and process together.

local Mission Teams

We help pastors in form teams in their churches of people that meet weekly around scripture and operate with a set of values that promote a prayerful dependence, support for one another, accountability to obeying the Word, and sharing Jesus with the lost.
 You can’t go alone!

Periodic Trainings & Gatherings

Additional resourcing to the ACTIVATE(D) community that is designed to equip and encourage their motivation and abilities to make new disciples well.
 reFocusing and its parent organization Novo have a wealth of resources and experts at it’s fingertips to connect you with!


Coaching and mentoring pioneering leaders who desire to build and lead new sustaining, Gospel-motivated ministries to reach the lost.
 Are you starting something new? Is the risk great? Do you lack models for how to get it done? We’ll coach you through it!


You’ve clarified the ‘WHO’ and ‘WHAT’ with your Personal Impact Statement in Awaken & Activate, or with your church’s Community Impact Statement in Assess & Advance. Now let’s get after more of the ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’ together!

Our dream is to see hundreds and thousands of new Gospel-motivated ministries launched and sustained, making new disciples of Jesus all over the world.

But it’s our experience that many Christians lack a deeply personal encounter with a Gospel that should overwhelm them and cause joy to overflow. It’s been truncated in their lives for one reason or another, often unknowingly. And many Christians don’t know how to practically make new disciples of Jesus once they successfully build relational bridges to the lost.

We want to help cultivate an even deeper affection for Jesus that overflows with an experience of practically making new disciples with him.

Our hope for you is to see new disciples of Jesus made because the Good News of Jesus’ love is so real to you that you make it unavoidable through your life in whole communities and sub-cultures. We’d like to help you experience this!

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