Steps 3 & 4
Assess & Advance


Finish the missional Pathway.

Get trained in Steps 3 & 4 and lead your church out into the community.

With this training, you will discover what God’s heart is for your church in the specific city you live in, and also how God has wired your congregation to uniquely serve the unchurched. Need leadership skills to help your church live on mission? Don’t worry, we walk with you hand in hand, every step of the way.


  • Impact the local community with the good news of Christ in tangible, relatable ways.

  • Enjoy incredible encouragement as people in the community respond to your example with openness.

  • Experience your members’ excitement when they see how they’re being used by God in life-giving, biblically-consistent   ways.

  • Benefit from the community’s gratitude for the love and generosity that your church and its members embody.

  • Become a church that is influential in the community because of the authenticity of its members.

Stories of churches who have benefitted
from The Missional Pathway...

I was unprepared for the mountain of expectations I faced stepping into a 60-year old church.
— Pastor Darren

reFocusing team member Kirk Kirlin shares several success stories of how the Missional Pathway has helped congregations make new disciples of Jesus in their communities. Recorded at the Novo ChurchNEXT conference in Estes Park, CO in 2016.



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We’re so confident in the Missional Pathway experience, resources, and our team's ability to help your church become missional that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you as a pastor or church leader are not satisfied with our training workshops. Simply tell us after the event, and we will give you a full refund.

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