His Way Church started implementing our first initiative in January of 2019. Unsure what to expect, we had a bit of doubt as to how successful we might be. Would we reach anyone? How are we going to pay for this? Our first initiative was to start a Kids Club for unchurched kids and families. We had done some outreach through a local park in the past, so we started with some existing relationships. We were very clear that we didn’t want to provide a place for kids from other churches to attend but a place solely focused on the unchurched. We thought that if we could reach 5-10 families we would be successful. But something happened. God started to do “His thing.” Over 30 families started attending! People came due to the most unexpected circumstances. Money and resources seemingly came out of nowhere. “Only God,” our church members would say.

In August of 2019, we started brainstorming our second initiative: to provide transitional help to homeless families who have graduated from a local homeless relief program. Where do we start? And again, how are we going to afford this? We don’t even know the families we are trying to reach! And then, of course, God started doing “His thing.” One of the people in our task force, a realtor, had just signed a new client who happened to be the city’s new head of the homelessness task force. She agreed to aid the startup of our initiative. One issue we came up against was a lack of childcare. Out of nowhere, a local childcare service called to ask if they could use our facility for their daycare. Another member received a call from his mechanic, asking if he knew anyone who could use a donated car. Yet another member recently felt led to buy a local children’s resale store. “I don’t know why God is asking us to do this but we’re just trying to be obedient.” Now they understand. “Only God,” our church members keep saying.