These ladies are a power-house group of passionate and committed followers of Jesus who are desperate for Christ and committed to sharing him with others. Some call this group “Nick's Sorority”, (oh please laugh!) but I just call it our very first ACTIVATE(D) cohort!

We meet again tonight for our second session. These cohorts are designed to deepen our affection for Jesus and our disciple-making know-how. And I can’t wait! For the last 3 years, our team has been experimenting and dreaming into how to help support activated believers in churches around the country succeed at living out their callings to make new disciples of Jesus after they’ve attended our Missional Pathway workshops.

Praise God, our first session was filled with joy and encouragement in Jesus and in being with others who are committed to this journey!

Will you pray for us?

  • That partnership in the Gospel would be truly realized

  • That our affection for Jesus would grow and overflow

  • That God would use us to make new disciples of Jesus

  • And that our reFocusing/ACTIVATE(D) team would learn a ton from this first cohort

If God chooses, our hope is to launch cohorts that produce lasting teams of people on mission in every church we work with in the future, so that Christ would be glorified in whole neighborhoods and networks of new disciples!