One of the places I frequent and am getting to know people is of course my local Starbucks. Cliche or not, Starbucks is a thing…and I hit it up once or twice a week to do some writing mostly because they have a comfy chair I appreciate for my aging back.

As I walked up to the counter today and ordered my trenta-black-tea-no-cane-sugar-with-a-little-peach-juice, I was blessed with an “I love your energy” from a barista I hadn’t yet met! Kindly, she had noticed something and wanted to affirm me.

By only God’s grace, my awareness of His goodness in my life was living more prominent in me today than my need for affirmation. So instead of a “thank you, I appreciate that”, a “thank you, God is so good” came out! I was probably more surprised by this response than I should be, but what a moment of victory for me, an insecure needy little one. The victory today was not in some successful ability to be bold and say the word “God”. The victory was in the work of Christ in me, the work of his Gospel transforming my insides. I did not will the courage in this moment. Instead, the Truth of what I was experiencing just came out naturally. My awareness of the goodness of God in my life came out without thinking.

To be extra clear, please hear my joy in the Lord’s work in me, not anything about my “energy” or anything I did. I am wanting to share about the simple way God grows our usefulness in bringing others to Himself. Simply put, He allows His Gospel to overtake us more and more, and only then do others naturally and authentically hear about Him. Today, my new barista friend heard about God’s goodness.

I am looking forward to the next time I need a trenta tea. Maybe she’ll be there again. And maybe I’ll have more opportunity to gush about the Good News I’m experiencing.

My Impact Statement from the Awaken workshop:

The “least of these" will feel seen, known, and will know that God likes them and that they are valuable and uniquely made by Him to do wonderful things with Him.