We wrote a book!

Challenging times require focused leaders.
We are thrilled to announce the release of our book, SHIFT: Gearing Your Heart To Lead God’s Mission.

Author Phil Underwood offers a compelling and instructive fable
that captures the internal and external struggles of church leadership today. Here’s a teaser.

SHIFT pic.jpg

Michael Vinings is a model of success...

By all accounts things are going well—but are they really? Now, after nearly two decades of pastoring and leading a growth-oriented congregation, he confronts a paralyzing church leadership crisis: what to do when you don’t know what to do. What’s gone wrong? Why isn’t ministry as fulfilling? What once worked well doesn’t any longer leaving him feeling frustrated, dissatisfied, over-extended, and under-resourced. Simultaneously, staff members and church members notice and begin to question.

What Michael could not realize, however, is just how desperate his soul aches for authentic friendship and how a mentoring relationship challenges him in ways that no one ever had before. His story, the internal questions and church leadership challenges, drive him to the end of himself. But will he embrace the shifts necessary to reimagine life and ministry— the way it’s supposed to be— from the inside out? Will he resist or overcome?

Take the journey with Michael. Discover eight significant shifts that go to the heart of real deep change for church leaders. Let the riveting tale remind you of the timeless truth: to be leaders of change requires you first to become a leader in change. This compelling fable with a deceptively honest yet powerful message is for all those who know the real catalyst for unleashing a fresh work of the Spirit is a fresh work of Jesus in the heart of a leader.