PASTOR, We deeply believe in you!

We know what it's like to feel stuck, confused, or discouraged. We've been there. As pastors, sometimes we have clarity on how to accomplish a vision, and other times we have no vision at all. And we understand the pressures of leadership and the toll it can take, and we’d love to help provide breakthrough.

We offer 3 specific opportunities…

  1. Coaching



What is ministry coaching?

Coaching is a series of intentional confidential conversations that empower a person or group to fully live out their calling and achieve results.

Coaching gets results. It’s about getting you from where you are to where you want to be. Elite athletes benefit from timely insights and focused questions offered by trained coaches. Why? Because it is impossible to observe yourself while you’re doing whatever it is you are doing. 

Why should ministry be any different? Ministry Coaching offers personalized opportunities for individuals and teams to advance their skills, overcome obstacles, bust through barriers, and develop new courage to produce results that matter.


Why consider ministry coaching?


If you want to solve problems, reach goals, and develop others, then consider a Ministry Coach. Our approach is client-centered, discovery-based, and action-oriented.

Pastors often experience benefits like these from ministry coaching:

  • Better perspective

  • A biblical view of their challenges and appropriate responses

  • Organizational breakthrough

  • Effective solutions to problem-solving

  • Personal spiritual development

  • Encouragement and support

  • Accountability for action

  • Empowerment and creativity

  • Courage to lead change in themselves and others

  • Strengthened resolve to address conflict

  • Greater assertiveness and self confidence

  • Willingness and faithfulness to stand strong in the midst of uncertainty

  • Honesty to address issues of deception and denial


Let's get on the phone!

Our team has been trained in the eleven core competencies identified by the International Coach Federation, the premiere coaching certification provider in the world, to be essential to move clients to satisfying results. We offer phone coaching, typically a one-hour session monthly, to pastors and leaders anywhere in the world. 

We'd Love to hear from you!



2. ONE-DAY Workshops

"Ascend" Leadership Development

We offer one-day equipping on a variety of topics developed over decades working with pastors leading church change. You can expect to take home tools and training you can apply to your own leadership, and that of your staff, ministry leaders, and volunteers. Teams are invited to attend together!




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